CheSheets provide Chemical Engineering Spreadsheets developed in Google Sheets™ - a web based spreadsheet program. To use the sheets copy the spreadsheet to Google Drive™ by clicking Drive Button. After copying open the spreadsheet in Google Sheets™ and do the calculations on go.

Fluid Flow

Spreadsheet for typical fluid flow calculations like single phase fluid flow in a pipe, fitting losses in a pipe and pump sizing calculation.

Heat Transfer

Spreadsheet for heat transfer calculations like heat exchanger rating based on Bell-Delaware method, heat exchanger analysis and heat loss from insulated pipe.

Vapor Liquid Equilibria


Spreadsheet for Binary Distillation based on McCabe Thiele Diagram estimating feed stage and total number of stages.


Spreadsheet for Properties estimation based on Joback Method.


Spreadsheet for sizing of vertical vapor liquid separator based on Souders Brown equation.