Pipe Fitting Losses

Pipe Fitting Losses spreadsheet calculate pressure drop in a pipe due to variety of fittings, bends, valves based on 3-K and 2-K method. Some of the key features of the spreadsheet are:

  • Pressure drop analysis can be done for upto 5 pipes.
  • Friction factor is calculated by solving Colebrook-White equation iteratively.
  • 3-K constants are used for majority of fittings, for some of the fittings for which 3-K constants are not available, 2-K constants are used in spreadsheet.
  • Calculation available in Metric unit.

To use the spreadsheet, Click Google Drive™ button below, it will save a copy of the spreadsheet in Google Drive. After copying to Google Drive open the spreadsheet in Google Sheets™ - A web based spreadsheet program and calculations can be performed on go.